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Can the Human Soul be weighed? – Know the Answer by Dr. Duncan MacDougall

Dr. Duncan MacDougall
Dr. Duncan MacDougall has experimented on Human Souls and concluded that Human Souls weigh only 21 Grams

Mumbai: Matter is anything that has weight and volume. Human Body also has weight and it can be measured easily. Also, Human body changes its weight depending upon the imbalance formed between energy intake and energy expenditure. But a Human Body has a life span post which, the Human Body dies. It is claimed that Human body is left behind by the Soul after the death. But does Human Body lose weight after death? Is it possible that it’s Soul too has weight? If yes, then can we measure it?


The answers to these questions were answered by Dr. Duncan MacDougall through his experiments on Humans who were on their dying stage.


On April 10, 1901, Dr. MacDougall conducted an unusual experiment to prove that Human Soul has a weight and it can measured. The experiment was conducted on 6 dying patients who were placed on specially made Fairbanks weight scales just prior to their deaths. The patients were shortlisted based on your imminent death. A group of 5 men and single woman with 2 patients suffering from Tuberculosis, were made to go through this experiment. The objective was to measure the weight of the dying person’s weight before and after its death.


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Dr. MacDougall along with 4 other experienced doctors carefully took the reading of weight of a patient before and after the death. The reading was surprising. There was a loss of weight after death of the concerned patient.


Five of the doctors took their readings and they also compared their results. Not every human body which died showed the same weight loss but there was a loss. Unfortunately as it is called, only 4 out of the group of 6 patients could be measured the weight before and after the death due to mechanical failure. Everything was taken into account from the air in the lungs to the bodily fluid going out, but there was still a loss of around ounce of weight without any explanation. An unusual episode took place when the third patient was experimented with. He didn’t lose the weight immediately after his death but the weight loss was measured after one minute from his death. Finally, following the experiment and consulting the other physicians who were present there Dr. MacDougall concluded that Human Soul has an average weight of 3/4 of an ounce which is 21 grams.


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He conducted the same experiment on 15 dogs but the result showed no loss of weight which then made him conclude that only human souls have weight.

A physics teacher at Los Angeles Polytechnic High School called H. LaV. Twinning conducted the same experiments on mice in 1917 and his results were also in lines with that of Dr. MacDougall’. He also concluded that only Human Souls have weight.


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