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Top 6 things to do to overcome ‘Break-up’ depression

Break Up

Love is a great feeling only few can understand. It reaches some people without much efforts and few remain deprived of it forever. We never want our relationship broken by any chance. However, not everything we desire in our life remain with us so are our partners who leave us after ‘Break-up’. Nevertheless, there are few lucky ones who remain in each others arms forever. They don’t break up their relationship ever. But there are majority of unlucky ones who go through this terrible process of ‘Break up’. The most tragic feeling is to live without the ones who we loved the most once upon a time. The promises we made to each other to stay together forever suddenly broke and our relationship tore-apart like broken pieces of glass.


Break up is definitely not as easy as it is picturized in ‘Break up song from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. It comes with depression mixed with anger which force us to remain unfocussed for several days. Have you watched ‘Love Aajkal’? Have you seen Saif Ali Khan’s character which tries all possible ways to keep himself happy but ends up in sorrow? Yes, it’s the same feeling we’re gonna talk about to get over it. So guys and girls, we bring you our Top 6 things to do to overcome Break-up depression


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1. Hang Around with Friends

This is the best way to keep the pain of Break-Up away from your brain. Try avoiding friends talking about your ex as much as possible.


2. Take up more Projects

If you are a working professional, then take up more projects to keep yourself utmost busy. If you are a student, try spending time in some group research work.


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3. Block your Ex from every Mutual Social Media

This could be difficult for some because you feel the need to know the happenings with your ‘Ex’ post your Break-up. However, this will eventually hurt you when you see your ‘Ex’ happy without you or with someone else.


4. Avoid the Thought of Hurting Your Ex

It’s a break up and you should accept this bitter truth as soon as possible. Move on in your life unless you feel the need to wait for your Ex. You may get a thought of hurting your Ex in case you see your Ex enjoying with someone else. In such case, behave ‘Normal’ and pretend to be happy without him/her.


5. Go for Shopping/Get-Together

Many people say that shopping after break up makes them feel better. This could be because when you care for yourself and see the difference in you, it eventually will help you to forget the pain. Some have also said that meeting old friends and spending time with them prevents them from feeling lonely.


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6. Focus on Your Career

Be determined to become someone that your Ex regrets to Break-up with. Work hard towards your goal and in doing so, make sure that you get another reason to avoid the post break up pain.


Ajanta News insists all the Love-birds to avoid Differences/Fuss/Fights with their partners as far as possible. However, if you see your relationship going nowhere, part your ways on a good note. Sometimes on a bad note :p




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