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Amit Shah insists UP voters to get rid of ‘KaSaB’ of UP through this Election

Amit Shah in Chauri Chaura

Uttar Pradesh: BJP President Amit Shah addressed a rally at Uttar Pradesh’s Chauri Chaura yesterday. With complete irony mixed with humour, Amit Shah reproached his party rivals in UP in his known classy way.  He began by requesting people of UP’s Chauri Chaura to shout ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ so loud and clear that PM Modi in Delhi must be able to hear it. While looking at him, it was clear Amit Shah is in no mood to spare BJP rivals this time. He insisted people of Uttar Pradesh’s Chauri Chaura to get rid of ‘KaSaB’. Before anyone could think of anything, Shah cleared the full form of ‘KaSaB’. He said that the Ka stands for Congress, Sa of ‘KaSaB’ stands for Samajwadi Party and B for BSP.


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It is significant to notice that this is not the first time when BJP has come up with such abrreviations. Recently, PM Modi had called BJP’s opposition in UP as ‘SCAM’ which meant Samajwadi (Party), Congress, Akhilesh and Mayawati while addressing the rally at Meerut. He had insisted people of Uttar Pradesh to uproot ‘SCAM’ from UP in this election.


Amit Shah accused BJP’s rivals of being discriminative on the subject of Caste and Religion. He said, “They (Opposition) will ask your religion and caste first. If that does not seem favourable to them, they won’t give you laptop”. With one after the other, it will be significant to watch out for next abbreviation which will be coined by BJP Leaders.


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Reacting to Shah’s Chauri Chaura’s addressing, Congress Leader Abhishek Manu slammed BJP’s President and said that there was a need to bring an end to acronyms. He added, “It brings out BJP’s repulsive thinking and shows Party’s communal thinking.”, ANI reported.


BSP Supremo Mayawati also, in her recent addressing, elongated PM Modi’s initials as ‘Negative Dalit Man’ and BJP as ‘Bharatiya Jumla Party’.

No doubt UP’s political war has reached its peak with one party criticizing the other and standing clean before the voters.


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We hope the Party Leaders don’t forget the core issues of people of Uttar Pradesh and that they address them as competently as they do in their rallies. For now, we have to wait and watch for more reactions on Shah’s Wednesday rally addressing in the coming days.



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