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Know Modi’s definition of ‘SCAM’ explained by him in Uttar Pradesh

Narendra Modi in UP Rally SCAM

Meerut: Uttar Pradesh’s election 2017 has become BJP’s one of the most prioritized election to win. With rally-after-rally, UP is witnessing a tough battle between all the contending political parties.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kick-started his rally in Uttar Pradesh by his yesterday’s rally in Meerut. He commenced his speech by calling himself fortunate to stepped on to the holy land of Meerut. Adding to it he said, “The 1857 independence struggle had began from Meerut.” Addressing UP people and relating the 1857 independence struggle with UP Election 2017, he quoted that it was a struggle against British Rulers and this is a struggle against Poverty, Rapes, Poor Lifestyle, Mafia and Goons.


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He mentioned UP Election 2017 as a fight of BJP against ‘SCAM’. He later elongated his abbreviation ‘SCAM’ as S -Samajwadi (Party), C – Congress, A – Akhilesh (Yadav) and M – Mayawati. No doubt, PM Modi has a unique style of rallying and bashing his opponents by his creative words. This time as well he has proved that he is not leaving Meerut without damaging the health of his rivals in UP.


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Prime Minister Modi insisted people of Uttar Pradesh to vote out ‘SCAM’ and bring BJP in power in Uttar Pradesh. By doing this, he has conveyed a strong message to SP, it’s alliance Congress and other parties that he is not letting any alliance win this election except BJP. Surprisingly, BJP hasn’t declared anyone it’s Chief Ministerial Candidate and is replicating it’s strategy of ‘Modi Wave’ of 2014 Loksabha Election.


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It is to be seen now the reaction from BJP’s rival parties. Well, whatever may their reaction be but BJP is putting it’s best foot forward by bringing PM Modi at the front end in the UP Election 2017.



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