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Top 10 Behaviors & Qualities that a guy dreams-of to see in his ‘Perfect Girlfriend’

Perfect Girlfriend

Ever wondered if ‘Perfect Girlfriend’ really exist or is it like a fairy tale by great ‘Love Guru’s’? And if they exist, which planet are they resident in? If you are still wondering for an answer, let me solve the riddle by telling you that the answer to my first question is thankfully ‘Yes’ and that Perfect Girlfriend exist around us. All we need to do is to check for the following Qualities & Behavior in them to categorize them as a Perfect Girlfriend or an ‘Ordinary Girlfriend’.

1. Self-confidence

Self confidence in a girl speaks thousand words about their Audacious Nature. A girl with self-confidence can make an excellent ‘First Impression’ before her guy’s friends & family.

2. Generosity

A person is defined as generous by his/her kind behavior. Every guy would love to have this quality in his girl. Imagine ‘Kalpana Shetty’s’ character of bollywood movie ‘Ghajini’ who is a perfect example of a Generous Girl.

3. Simplicity

Not every Indian guy would like to have a ‘Party Girl’ type girlfriend. Your simplicity means a lot to your guy and has its own weightage. Being Modern-Yet-Simple makes you a perfect blend for your guy. ‘Meera’ from the bollywood movie ‘Cocktail’ is a best example of simplicity a guy would look for in his girlfriend.

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4. Extra Caring and Loving

Well, who doesn’t want this quality in their girlfriend. Being Caring and Loving isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. You may pretend to be Extra Caring and Loving for sometime but being Extra Caring and Loving by nature is difficult. Nevertheless, if you are Extra Caring and Loving by nature, you will be your guy’s first choice over other available options. Be li’l careful while you do it because over-doing it may irritate your partner and may become a reason to fuss. The character ‘Arohi’ from ‘Ashiqui 2’ is the best example of being Extra Caring and Loving.

5. Understanding

You may have all the other qualities but if you lack in understanding your partner, you will be the last one in your guy’s list. No guy would want a girlfriend who needs explanation for everything he does. Sometimes, your guy wants you to understand him rather than seeking explanation from him. Girls often use the statement ‘I understand, Honey’ but if you are faking it, your guy will distance you from him if he is going through some hardships.

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6. Faithful & Trustworthy

Although we bring this quality at number six, this is a critical quality which plays an important role in making you your guy’s best girl. Be transparent in the matter (your close friendship with another guy) which may need proactive clarifications whenever the need be, which may leave no rooms for doubt in your guy’s mind.

7. Don’t be Over-Possesive

Every guy will have another girl in his life as close friend, patron, well wisher, guide, teacher, etc but questioning him on his relationship with these females may irritate him and create unnecessary fuss. This will eventually suppress the love he has for you and may lead to unwanted ‘Breakups’.

8. Don’t be Over-Demanding

There is no harm in being l’il demanding in a relationship but Over doing anything may spoil the value of it. For example, don’t demand for a gift all the time, give your guy a hint of it and trust me, he will proactively gift you something priceless.

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9. Don’t Showoff of Being Very Wealthy

Talking too much about you being very Rich and Wealthy may slightly irritate your guy at times. You must know where to stop when you’re talking about your Bank Balance and your Dad’s Bungalow and Cars. Nevertheless, being Rich and Wealthy is a plus point for you to get your guy. 😛

10. Dress Well

Your first impression does half your work in attracting your guy and your dressing sense may make your first impression, The Strongest. The way you dress, sometimes talks about your nature and your attitude so choose the best dress for you when you meet your guy.

There are many other qualities that are preferred by a Guy but the above mentioned Ten Qualities and Behavior are the ‘Must Have’ qualities to be (as we call it) a Perfect Girlfriend.


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