Home NATION Two North-Easterns brutally beaten-up by Landlords in Bengaluru

Two North-Easterns brutally beaten-up by Landlords in Bengaluru

Bengaluru Girls beaten in Begaluru

Bengaluru: The light of the recent molestation of women in Bengaluru hasn’t got dim yet and another incidence has brought this City into controversy for a wrong reason again. A video has gone viral on social media showing Landlords beating up Two North-Easterns in Bengaluru over a fallen two wheeler on Sampanna Road, Akkayama Layout, Banaswadi has shocked a lot.


The incidence has been reported to have occurred on December 26 where an Octogenarian and his 56 year old son, retired school principal, (Landlords) have brutally beaten up two North-Easterns over a meagre issue of parking. The Two North-Eastern students had found their 2 wheeler vehicle displaced from its parked site and fallen. When raised this to the landlords, they were allegedly bashed with punches and a stick as seen in the Viral Video. The whole scene was captured by allegedly an unknown person from the other side and the video has got viral now.


This has come at the time when the rage over molestation of a girl in Bengaluru on a new year eve has still not calm down. Media reports confirm that The Banaswadi Police have arrested both the accused on the basis of this Viral Video Footage. They are investigating the case further to come to a conclusion.


We hope that the ‘two’ get justice and proper protection from the Bengaluru police and the ‘culptrits’ get deserving punishment. Such incidences spoil a city’ prestige and affects its livelihood. We request Bengaluru Administration to take proper steps for making every citizen secure and safe in Bengaluru.


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