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Today’s Top 2 News to watch out for – Ajanta News Daily Update

Mumbai: Ajanta News has been bringing the top 2 news for you so that news reading becomes easier for you. We bring you the top 2 news which you must read to update yourself about the happenings in the world


China rejects the reports of having vested interest in meddling into Kashmir issue

China denies of having any vested interest in intervening between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue. China’s foreign ministry said, “China’s position on the issue of Kashmir is clear and consistent. It is an issue left over from history between India & Pakistan and shall be properly addressed by India and Pakistan through consultation and negotiation”. Chinese newspaper, Global Times on Tuesday had reported that China had a vested interest in meddling into Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. However, Beijing has clarified that Kashmir is India and Pakistan’s internal matter and that they should resolve it by themselves.


Cognizant offers 9 months salary to employees to promote voluntary exit from the Organisation

Cognizant, the leader in IT Industry has found a new way to reduce the damage to its brand by offering 6 or 9 months as severance package to its selective grade employees. It has reportedly sent out emails to some of its Directors and Senior VPs who come under D+ category to take severance package and leave the Organisation on a good note. The severance package will depend on the category they fall into. The Directors are offered 9 months severance package while VPs and Senior VPs are offered 6 month severance package to leave the Organisation. Due to stuttering of revenue growth in the company, Cognizant has been reducing on costs and the news was that it is planning to layoff 6000 employees. It will be interesting to see company’s next plan.

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