Friday, October 20, 2017
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Know The Facts: Why Hindus Avoid Non-Vegetarian Food

India has several traditions and cultures under its womb comprising of people from different religions, caste and creed. Thus, we witness that amount of difference in everyone’s tastes and choices. Same way some are vegetarian and some are non vegetarian consumers especially the Hindu population who are, majorly, considered as

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Milk and Fish Together, Consuming Fish and Milk, Side effects of Milk and Fish together, Problems after fish and milk consumption

How Safe Is it to Drink Milk After Eating Fish, Facts Check

Have you too heard that drinking milk after eating fish can cause you some health issues? Well, possibly you may have heard of it as our mothers, grandmothers and their mothers even had the same belief over consuming milk with or after eating fish could cause harmful side effects, including

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Top 7 ‘Must-have’ Foods to lose weight and get into perfect shape

Growing health issues and in the desire to have a fit body, we all work out, exercise and some of us also go for Yoga exercises. Everyone wants to look fit and trim nowadays. Not just exercise but diet is one key essential that may also boost your health and

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Summer Season India

5 Must-have Fruits in this Summer Season to Stay Healthy

Mumbai: The prickly heal powder advertisement on our TV screens and early morning sunrise are a signal to us that Summer has arrived. The temperature of the atmosphere increasing gradually and dehydration make us loose our energy constantly in summer. We get exasperate to see our body covered with sweat

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