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Nitish Kumar becomes the Chief Minister of Bihar with BJP’s Support

Mumbai: The recent drama in Bihar is nothing short of a potboiler, the stuff films are made of. Super hero Nitish Kumar and his clean white cape has fought the enemy of corruption and saved the day for Bihar…..never mind the trail of back stabbing along the way. Ironically this

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Nitish Kumar Resigned, Resignation by CM Nitish Kumar, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar resigned

Bihar Politics on fire, CM Nitish Kumar resigns; PM Modi reacts

Mumbai: 'The Tempest' as we call it in Bihar after Nitish Kumar steps down as Bihar Chief Minister today. Nitish Kumar has resigned at the time when Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav was speculated to demit the cabinet. Nitish Kumar submitted his resignation to Keshari Nath Tripathi, Governor of Bihar and

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Objectionable Meme on PM Modi, Disgraceful for the Nation

Mumbai: The Mumbai based comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) is in the news yet once again; this time for an objectionable meme of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. It all started with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s look-alike being spotted at a railway station. The AIB used his

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Kannauj comes up with ‘Stink Bomb’ to Tackle the Stone-Pelters in Kashmir

Mumbai: The situation in Kashmir is known to everyone. Pellet guns, Smoke guns, Lathi and Safety Shield are the weapons used by security forces to combat stone-pelters in Kashmir. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); However, Kannauj based Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) has developed a unique capsule called 'Stink Bomb' to

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Cow Slaughter Ban, Cow Protection, Mob Lynching for beef eating

Cow Vigilantism & Mob Lynching: What is happening in India?

Mumbai: Cow slaughter has always been a sensitive issue in India with the cow being associated with Lord Krishna in Hinduism and finding support from other religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhs and also while being seen simply as a form of diet in Islam and Christianity.   In case of cow

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Political Funding, Political Funding in India

Political Funds Transfer: Has Modi Government brought any change to bring transparency, Know here

Mumbai: Nothing could be more ironic than Prime Minister Modi’s 1st July address to the Chartered Accountant’s body in Delhi on their Founders Day, where on one hand he exhorts them to be transparent and corruption free and place country above clients, while on the other hand his own govt.

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Nitish Kumar

Bihar Politics: Nitish Kumar keeps the Nation Guessing

Mumbai: In case a technical analysis is done on the events happening in Bihar, like that of movements of stocks on charts, the pattern would definitely predict that Nitish Kumar, Chief  Minister of Bihar from JD (U) would break his alliance with Lalu’s RJD and join the NDA.   There are so

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Mob Lynching, Alwar Lynch, West Bengal Lynch,

5 Chilling Instances of Mob Lynching this year which Highlight a Serious Problem of Growing Intolerance

Delhi: Mob lynching has become a sad reality in India. Mob lynching basically refers to public executions by mobs in order to punish the victims. 2017 has seen an alarming rise in the number of such shameful incidents all over the country. These lynchings have generally been enticed by self

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Meira Kumar, Opposition Presidential Candidate Meira Kumar, Presidential Candidate Meira Kumar, Presidential Poll 2017 Candidate

7 Things You should know about the Opposition’s Presidential Candidate Meira Kumar

1) SHE'S FROM AN ELITE FAMILY Meira Kumar is the daughter of former deputy prime minister, late Jagjivan Ram who was an eminent dalit political figure and freedom fighter Indrani Devi.   2) SHE'S HIGHLY EDUCATED She did her schooling from Welham Girls School and Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls Public School. She then came

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Developments after Namo met US President Donald Trump

Lucknow: A  great weight of expectations was piled on the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington for his meeting with President Donald Trump. As this was the first meeting between Modi and Trump, in the latter's capacity as President of the United States. The joint statement that lists

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