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Found why Kattappa killed Bahubali, Know Kattappa Now

Mumbai: The world blockbuster movie ‘Bahubali 2’ has finally released and releaved many who were tensed and confused as to why ‘Kattappa’ (Bahubali Movie Character) killed ‘Bahubali’. After  it’s revealed ‘Katappa Ne Bahubali Ko Kyu Maara?’, we must know ‘Kattappa’ in short. After all, you must know Katappa kahan se aaya? I mean let’s know some facts about Katappa.


Katappa’s real name is Rangaraj Subbaiah and He is also popular by his stage name ‘Sathyaraj’.


Sathyaraj was born on 3 October 1954 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.


Sathyaraj has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Botany from Government Arts College which is in Coimbatore.


It was ‘Kattappa’, we mean Sathyaraj’s dream to become an actor from his childhood but his mother was against his acting dream and hence he left Coimbatore to complete his dream and went to Tamil Film industry based in Chennai.


He is a big fan of M. G. Ramachandran who was a Superstar in Tamil Film Industry and also Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


In early days of his career, Sathyaraj played mostly Villain’s roles but later he played many lead roles.


His first film was ‘Attam En Kaiyil’ which was released in 1978.


Sathyaraj worked in more than 200 movies including Bollywood film like ‘Chennai Express’.


Sathyaraj charges approximately 40 to 50 lakhs for a Film as per the reports.


In 1979, he married Maheswari who is a niece of producer Madhampatti Sivakumar. The couple has a Daughter and a Son.


Sathyaraj won many Awards for his acting skills.


In 2010, Sathyaraj sung a song ‘Subbaiyaa Subbaiyaa’ which was in the movie ‘Guru Sisyan’


In Both the parts of ‘Bahubali’ movie, he played the role of Katappa, which was praised worldwide.


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