Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Sachin Tendulkar Birthday Special

Ajanta News wishes Sachin Tendulkar a very Happy Birthday, 7 Interesting Facts about Our Master Blaster

Mumbai: With him batting on the pitch for India, the stadium shouts 'Sachin, Sachin' and then comes the storm of 4's and sixes. We are talking about none other than our own 'Master Blaster', Sachin Tendulkar. It's his birthday today and we are shouting 'Sachin, Sachin' from our office to

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Chetan Bhagat turns 43 today, Know some Interesting Facts about him

Chetan Bhagat, a well known personality majorly known for his great work as an author in India. He is one of multi-talented people in India who is majorly known for his Novels and Columns. Chetan is an Author, Columnist, Screenwriter, Reality Show Judge, etc. Today on 22nd of April, it's

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Celebrities Who Got Famous due to their body parts

7 Celebrities Got Famous due to their Body Parts

Mumbai: Celebrities are not just actors/actresses but also trendsetters in our lives. We all have a celebrity we follow or want to be like. We like something in them that sets them apart from other celebrities. It could be their smile, style, acting, behaviour or their real life's lifestyle. Today,

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प्रत्युषा बनर्जी

प्रत्युषा बनर्जी की आखिरी शोर्ट फिल्म को उनकी बेस्ट फ्रेंड काम्या पंजाबी करेंगी रिलीज

मुंबई: प्रत्युषा बनर्जी जिसने बहुत कम उम्र में कामयाबी की ऊँची मंजिलों को हासिल किया | कलर्स चैनल के सीरियल 'बालिका वधू' में आंनदी के किरदार से वह मशहूर हुईं और सबके दिलों में बस गईं पर पिछले वर्ष 1 अप्रैल 2016 को प्रत्युषा ने सुसाइड कर लिया और इस

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After Chetan Bhagat, Filmmaker Shirish Kunder hits out at newly elected UP CM Yogi Adityanath, deletes tweets later

Mumbai: The Pro-hindu Yogi Adityanath finally won the throne of Uttar Pradesh and is the current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He has taken some crucial decisions in the state after his appointment as the CM. BJP has got some good & bad reactions from across the nation on electing

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सरोगेसी in bollywood, surrogacy in bollywood

सरोगेसी का इस्तेमाल कर सिंगल पेरेंट नहीं बन सकेंगे, संसद में बिल तैयार

मुंबई: अभिनेता तुशार कपूर के बाद करण जौहर भी सरोगेसी के जरिए दो बच्चों के पिता बन गए हैं | उनको बेटा (यश) और बेटी (रूही) हुई हैं | आपको बता दें कि बॉलीवुड की कई बड़ी हस्तियां सरोगेसी का इस्तेमाल कर चुकी हैं | बॉलीवुड के किंग खान से

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