Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Know The Facts: Why Hindus Avoid Non-Vegetarian Food

India has several traditions and cultures under its womb comprising of people from different religions, caste and creed. Thus, we
Rabiya Khan Calls CBI Incompetent, Jiah Khan's mother calls CBI incompetent, CBI "incompetent"

When Jiah Khan’s Mother, Rabiya Khan Called CBI ‘Incompetent’ In an Open Letter

Top 5 Romantic Bollywood Movies, Romantic Love Stories of Bollywood

5 Best Love Stories of Bollywood to Remember this Monsoon

Partition: 1947 Banned in Pakistan, Pakistan banned Partition 1947, Reasons for Partition 1947 Ban

‘Partition: 1947’ or ‘Viceroy’s House’ Banned in Pakistan: 6 Reasons to Know

Esha Deol Tying Knot Again, Esha Deol Baby Shower, Esha Deol and Bharat Tying Knot Again

Esha Deol is tying the Knot again, Not 7 but with only 3 ‘Phera’

Mumbai based Jainendra Baxi files a PIL against Multiplexes’ ‘No Outside Food’ Rule

Top 5 Highest Business making Movies of Bollywood

Things to learn from Beautiful & Bold Sunny Leone

Actress Suchitra gets rape threat against her ‘Anti-Azaan’ tweet, files a complaint

Why is ‘Indu Sarkar’ making so much of noise in the Political World?

Five times MS Dhoni won our hearts

10 Unheard Things about King Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan

Baba Siddique’s Iftaar Party 2017: Did Salman & Shahrukh embrace each other again?

Tips to get Best Partner by Girls, Best partner to get by a girl, best guy for a girl

Top 5 Traits For A Perfect Partner – Every Girl Must Know!

It is every girl’s dream to have a charming prince in her life. It is  quite obvious that even you would dream the same, wouldn’t you? However, between dreaming and reality there is a thin h
Long distance relationship, tips on long distance relationship, advice on long distance relationship,

5 Tips on How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

Being separated from your loved one is hard for anyone and if it is a long distance relationship, it fills you with the feeling of Uneasiness, Melancholy and sometimes Exasperation. The dist
Find out Girl's relationship status, How to find our Girl's relationship status

Top 5 Smart Questions to Ask a Girl to Find out Her Relationship Status

You might have spoken momentarily to a girl you have a crush on, and tried to unravel the mystery of her relationship status. While the most direct approach of asking her is a little weird o
Signs She Likes you, 5 signs that she likes you, Signs she likes you

5 Signs by a Girl that Shows She Likes You

This is really a matter of discussion among boys to get a hint from a girl they are targeting the arrows of love to. Boys try all their tricks to find out if the girl they like, like them in

5 Dating Tips for your next Date with a Girl

Dating can be surely a tricky thing and there are a lot of questions that pop up in a guy’s head when he has to go on a date with a girl. Questions like Where to meet? What to wear? What to


    World News

    North Korea eyes Washington, China Intervenes to Calm Down the Tension

    Mosul, Mosul Story,

    The Battle for Mosul: Know everything from Start to Finish

    US with India against Pakistan, nation against Pakistan with India, India and US against Pakistan, US and India tie improved against pakistan

    United States unites with India against Pakistan, asks Pakistan to improve the ‘ties’

    Qatar Sanction, Economic Sanction by UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Turkey

    Is Qatar Economic blockade by Saudi-UAE-Egypt-Bahrain a failure?